Drifting luxury vehicles on Georgetown Lake with Prestige Imports’ Customer Winter Driving Event

Since moving to Colorado, my Saturday’s are for skiing. That is usually what my winter revolves around, unless Prestige Imports invites you to drive Audis, Porsches and maybe even your boyfriends Jeep on Georgetown Lake.

Prestige Imports is the oldest Porsche and Audi dealer in the Rocky Mountain Region and their Winter Driving Event is just one of the incredible events the dealership hosts for their customers. The event is designed for low traction safety lessons, but also, how often do you get the opportunity to drive your car on a frozen lake?


I have purchased a few cars in my life, but never has my dealership invited me to drift around in luxury cars on a layer of ice! It was exciting to see the entire group’s enthusiasm for the Prestige Imports cars they tested. Additionally, everyone took full advantage of learning how to drive their personal vehicles in hazardous conditions.

Going into this driving event, I was thrilled to try out a few Audi’s and hoping to feel more comfortable driving on ice. Given that I’ve been a California driver a majority of my life, I had little to no experience. I have accidentally driven on ice in Denver, less then a hand full of times, any and all progress was a success!


After a driver’s meeting and introduction at The Alpine Restaurant; the group headed to Georgetown Lake. There were two courses on the 15-18 inch layer of ice, multiple experienced driving instructors and cars with different tire treads -all season, snow, and studded – to test out. It was a gorgeous day aka no high winds; which is typical weather when we drive through Georgetown on our way up to the mountains.

I drove a very slow 5 mph first lap in an Audi Q5 with snow tires, and three hours later I had driven two Audi’s, a Porsche Cayenne and had an exhilarating joy ride with a Pikes Peak Race driver in an Audi Quattro – the coolest.

I left feeling WAY more safe and capable driving in icy conditions and even let the car slide out a few times. I use the word ‘let’ intentionally, because a few times I ‘let’ the vehicle spin in a full circle. But in all seriousness, I did feel like I had much more control by the end of the afternoon. 


Overall I’d say the whole group of customers had a phenomenal day out on the lake. Moral of the story, Denver, if you are in the market for a new car, I highly recommend checking out Prestige Imports.

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