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Who doesn’t enjoy sipping a craft cocktail or a local beer, while awaiting a hickory-wood-fire-grill meal inside a modern cabin? I’m not talking about your rich uncle’s place in Aspen, but rather Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group’s newest restaurant concept, Hickory & Ash. That’s why these weeks “What in the World is on Their Menu” Wednesday (WIMM Wednesday) features the new restaurant, Hickory & Ash.

First, I must thank Hickory & Ash, along with B Public Relations for including me in the media dinner for this new restaurant. The cocktails, foods, and service were nothing short of impressive. And while I love living in the city for the plethora of quality restaurants, I was pleasantly surprised at the restaurant’s location about twenty minutes north. It’s conveniently located in the Arista Broomfield development, right next to the 1st Bank Center, and literally steps away from the US 36 & Broomfield Station. While we didn’t have to travel too far to get here, it is definitely worth the short drive or train ride from downtown Denver!

Hickory & Ash opened to the public on Friday, July 7th, so if you are going to a concert at the 1st Bank Center, I encourage you to check out this restaurant. After Coachella 2017 I recommend the Hans Zimmer concert in August – he’s responsible for movie scores likes Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and Lion King. The ideas don’t stop there, visit a friend in the Broomfield community, walk through it to the Four Noses Brewery (feel free to bring your four-pawed friend), take your furry  friend to the dog pool next door to the brewery, or simply go for a bike ride or jog on the nearby path. The suburbs were never this cool when I was growing up!

Okay, about the restaurant. Literally steps from the light rail, you walk in to walls with a cabin feel, with modern light bulbs hanging from re-worked railroad ties, hanging from the ceiling. The rustic look is completed with tree limbs, longhorn skulls, and industrial, but comfy, seating – five star dining with a rocky mountain feel. Take note of the bar, as well as wine cellar, as the restaurant will brilliantly pair a drink with each course! I know we did, as we were handed an Arista Place Limeade made from cucumber infused Bravo Zulu Gin, Elderflower, and Tarragon. A refreshing way to kick off the event!


We’ll walk you through the five course menu and drink pairing we experienced, but I have to say there is a cocktail for everyone, and even if you’re more a vodka cucumber drinker (me)… the tequila, gin, and whiskey drinks are just as delicious and were presented perfectly to complement each dish. The Arista Place Limeade paired perfectly with the passed appetizers of Chicken Wings, Lobster Bisque Soup, and Burrata Toast.


First, the chicken wings were accompanied with the usual Red Hot Sauce, blue cheese, and celery, as well as a new addition – green apple. This added a hint of sweet tang, which toned down the red-hot sauce. The chef and menu are replete with spins on classics like this, which you’ll see throughout each dish.


Second on the passed appetizer list, was lobster bisque shooters. I absolutely love lobster bisque, and this had a welcomed addition of black truffle dumplings. I told you there is a spin on a classic in each dish!


Last, but certainly not least, the burrata toast will please vegetarian and meat eater alike, with its smashed peas, mint and baby peppers.

As if that wasn’t enough food, we still had three main courses, dessert and four cocktails to go! And I have to say that all of these dishes were well proportioned for the event. The first course was a Caesar salad with romaine endives, preserved lemons, feta, and a Caesar Dressing. This was paired with a Limonata made of vanilla bean infused Bravo Zulu Vodka, Galliano and mint. Once again, a perfectly mixed drink that was a perfect complement to the dish.



Our next course was a Colorado Striped Bass Veracruz. The Mexican flavor to the dish took me by surprise in the best way. The fish was served skin side up, which ensured it stayed crispy. Eat the dish with or without the skin, but be sure to eat the Bass with the jalapeno pesto, white beans, and zucchini accompanying it. Ryan Taylor, who created the restaurant with well-known chef and father Kevin Taylor, told a heart-warming story about bass being a comfort food from family trips to Mexico, which inspired the Mexican flavor. You could definitely feel the love in the dish. Which once again was complimented by a delicious Conquistador cocktail, made of Tequila Proximus, manzanilla, and olive-orange twist.



I’m not always a fan of the smell of tequila, but this drink wasn’t pungent at all. I think it was the manzanilla, which was a great compliment to the Mexican flavors in the bass. That’s probably because Manzanilla is a sherry made in the port of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, in the province of Cádiz, Andalusia (Spain). Cádiz is a wonderful ancient city surrounded by the sea that has amazing food and drinks itself.

After appetizers, salad and fish, I was ready for some red meat – which is always my go to! Their version of the short rib as a pastrami with mustard, pumpernickel and Brussel sprouts was a complete success! Once again, a major spin on a classic.



The Old Basil Blue that was paired with this was made of Bravo Zulu Whiskey, basil, and blueberries. It was something you could sip by the fire, or sitting in an Adirondack chair atop a mountain when it’s warm out.

And last, but not least, dessert! A perfect ending going back to your childhood nostalgia of a PB&J. But this one is more sophisticated… whipped peanut butter, topped with jelly, and coated with chocolate. And as if that isn’t enough, it is accompanied with salted caramel, caramel coated chocolate, and a raspberry. Complimented  with a Raspberry Paloma. This dessert Was out. Of. This. World. I’d go here just to eat this!



Honestly, I would go back to Hickory & Ash for any of their dishes, specifically  the “Duck, Duck, Goose,” featuring potted duck, foie gras and gooseberries. While they’re just opening for dinner tonight, they will soon open for lunch AND I can’t wait until they open for brunch because I’m sure they’ll have something amazing in store! The modern American meatery will serve lunch, dinner and brunch menus that offer a variety of sustainable and locally sourced ingredients grilled in hickory-smoked fire, such as beef provided exclusively by the esteemed Aspen Ridge Natural Beef, Tender Belly pork and Avalanche Cheese Company cheeses. Their twist on traditional items are unique and palate pleasing.

“At Hickory & Ash, I set out to create a menu in which everything we source or purchase is used in some way, shape or form,” said Executive Chef Ryan Taylor. “From the vegetable scraps to the trimming of fish and meat, we utilize every bit to make great dishes.”

Check out Hickory & Ash on Instagram, Facebook, or in person, and you won’t be disappointed! And for more delicious photos from the media event, check us out at @WorldIsMyMenu on Instagram.

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