Check Out the ClusterTruck Revolution, Experience the Delivery Service, Eat the Delicious Food

Am I the only one that hasn’t heard of ClusterTruck? In all honesty, I didn’t know what we were missing before I toured their new Denver kitchen.  I thought it was comparable to the typical food delivery services such as Grubhub, Doordash and UberEats, but I was wrong!  After experiencing ClusterTruck from kitchen to delivery I realized there are some big differentiators that set ClusterTruck apart:

  • A kitchen dedicated JUST to delivering food
  • Food delivered warm because it was just cooked, not because it sat in any warmers (they don’t exist in their kitchen)
  • Tons of different Cuisines, all from one location, which really helps if I want Coconut Curry Soba Noodles and my boyfriend wants the Buffalo Chicken Baked Mac
  • Did I mention a perfectly timed algorithm based on order time, driver availability and convenience to ensure you have freshly cooked food delivered to your door?
  • Reasonable prices and free delivery for food presented directly to your doorstep

I hope they continue to open more kitchens! The food was delicious, and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity ClusterTruck gave me to taste a variety of their menu items (see below) and experience their website platform, mobile app and delivery service. Although, their goal is to have your food in a delivery car for less than 10 minutes, so there is a limited delivery zone. Check out “the revolution” to see if they are delivering to your neighborhood here:

And then experience it with these two promo codes expiring on Feb. 8:

303WORLD: New customers can receive a free entree with a $10 min. order

303MENU: Returning customers can receive $5 off their order of $20 or more

Memphis Dry Rub Chicken Strips:

Buffalo Chicken Baked Mac:

Classic Cobb Salad:

Coconut Curry Soba Noodles (Personal Favorite):


Lazy Breakfast Burrito:

Number #1 Seller… yes those are tater tots IN the burrito!

Pepperoni Pizza:

Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Thai Red Curry:

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