GaLa World Tour

It is impossible to be everywhere at one time, although I wish I could.  Which is why I am thrilled to share one of my amazing best friend’s  journey through Europe. Drum roll please…

Introducing the GaLa World Tour:

Two friends, Gabby Leeser and Laura Ogle, are embarking on a journey of a lifetime. Both born and raised in the Bay Area have shared a love for travel since their friendship began back in 2010. Gabby met Alexa (World is my Menu) at Sonoma State University as freshman roommates. Gabby and Alexa also shared a passion for food and travel. Laura has been working as a clothing designer and Gabby has been living and working in Chicago,IL for over three years. Laura and Gabby decided it was time to take break from work and go on a European sabbatical.

Gabby and Laura will be visiting 11 countries and 18 cities over the course of three months. They will be sharing cuisines from all over as well as adventures throughout the trip. Live vicariously through them as they eat, drink and explore these magical places. Stay tuned for an unforgettable journey.

Copy and Photos by Gabby Leeser and Laura Ogle; Graphics by Laura Ogle,